The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home… every time we entertain, no matter how much we’ve set up the rest of our house, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Even when I lived in my tiny apartment, whenever I had people over, we’d all end up crammed in the galley kitchen! Why is that?

When I was learning how to cook, thanks to my incredible mom and Pampered Chef, I was truly amazed to learn that having the right products to cook with made a huge difference. Before I started Pampered Chef, I thought it was really my lack of ability that resulted in less than stellar meals.

Then one night in 1998 a friend invited me to go to a home party with her. I had never been to a home party and since it was about cooking, I was in! At the time I was just beginning to cook for myself and wanted to learn more. Since my mom made everything she cooked look so effortless, I figured I’d inherit her abilities naturally. Well, that really didn’t happen as I expected.

So how did I get started with Pampered Chef? After I went to the home party, I kept the catalog on my nightstand and would look at it frequently… dreaming that if I had some of these products, I’d probably be able to cook better. They seemed to make everything so easy! Then came the fateful day in October 1998 when I was downsized at my job.  That was when I decided to take the leap… I needed something to fill in the financial hole that I was facing with reduced income from my patternmaking job.

The income I earned from Pampered Chef helped fill in the gap in my finances until I changed jobs in 1999 and went into a corporate position.  That job had me working 50-60 hours each week and Pampered Chef became my “fun” job!  Then in 2000, I was offered a position with a new company, which also meant a move 2500 miles across the country.

I decided to take a little time off before starting my new position and went to Michigan to spend time with my parents.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately now that I can look back) in the 3 weeks between jobs, my new position was eliminated. I suddenly found myself unemployed and living with my parents!  YIKES! 

I knew I needed to do something and decided to throw myself into my Pampered Chef business and in a few months, I was earning as much as I had been at my corporate job, but this time working about 20 hours each week vs. 50-60!  Now in my 25 years of being a consultant, I realize what a life saver this job is… And as an extra bonus, I have become an awesome cook!

The world of direct sales and home parties has changed drastically since I did my first party in 1998 and it actually keeps getting better and better because there are more opportunities than ever before!

What I learned the day I was downsized was the need to always have a back-up plan. I didn’t have one at the time and thankfully Pampered Chef was something I could start immediately and generate income from day one. If you can relate to any of this, you need to send me a DM right now so we can chat about how this might fit into your life.

Today in 2023, the best and easiest way to have a back-up plan is to begin social selling. It’s something you can do on the side, in your spare time and it’s something that requires pretty little effort, and can net a decent payoff. Every little bit helps, right?

Pampered Chef is known for their high quality and innovative products. All of them make meal prep easier and faster and also make clean-up a breeze. As a consultant, you work when you want, where you want and how you want. If social selling is your thing… post pictures of what you’re cooking and baking and share shopping links and get credit for orders placed using your links. If being with people is your favorite thing, then gather with your family and friends and cook together, then share the catalog and take orders right on your smartphone. It’s simply sharing what you’re already doing with others.

If you’ve ever thought about monetizing your social media, let’s chat because you’re probably already doing the work for free. Why not get paid for it?

In reading this are you thinking “maybe?”… check out our Look Book HERE. (BTW, there’s no obligation and I have no way of knowing if you click on the link or not so go ahead and check it out!)

There’s plenty of room at our table and we’ve love to have you join us!

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