County Fair Fried Chicken (GF/DF)

One of the bummers of being GF/DF can be finding recipes that taste like the real-deal. Thankfully amazing food bloggers and authors have filled the internet and book stores with endless recipes to help us navigate the allergy-filled waters. Sometimes the recipes are spot-on and others sadly fall short. This one I’m happy to say is spot on!

With summer fast upon us I’m finding that I’m turning to my countertop appliances more and more.  I’m using my Quick Cooker electric pressure cooker frequently to free up time so I can play more in my pool and I’m not standing over a hot stovetop. I’ll save that for the cold evenings when the snow is falling in the background.  I’m using my Deluxe Grill & Griddle instead of standing over a hot grill outside. I honestly never understood seeing people wheel their grills to their driveway to make dinner when it’s 100 degrees outside and they are standing on blacktop.  If you know why, please explain it to me!  I’m using my Deluxe Air Fryer more and more and we give this baby a workout in our house. It’s used a minimum of once daily… sometimes for every meal we have!  The microwave looks on as we use that less and less.  We really only use it for reheating soup or boiling water at this point. 

This recipe uses the Deluxe Air Fryer. We use the air fryer to make potatoes each morning for breakfast.  At lunch it’s used to make this chicken recipe to throw on a salad or to reheat leftovers.  Before I had a microwave, I reheated all leftovers in my conventional oven so this feels natural to me.  Plus it doesn’t make everything soggy like the microwave does.

I’ll make it when I’m in the mood for pub food. I love making pub food on Friday nights when we are in instead of at a sports bar.  We can throw on a game in the background and have the same experience without the noise (yes, I’m THAT old) and expense.  Plus we can take our time and not worry about our table being turned over.  This recipe is super versatile too… it can be used to make chicken & waffles, fried chicken salad, chicken fingers with French fries for happy hour or dinner.  You can even use the same recipe for a chicken cutlet for chicken Milanese.  (I see that recipe in our future!)

While getting the ingredients together can feel like it takes a little time (I’m talking less than 5 minutes), it’s so worth it.  This is pretty darn close to going through the drive-thru without the gut-issues on the back end (pun intended).  But then when you realize it’s 282 calories per serving vs it’s gluten-filled deep-fried counterpart, I’d say it’s worth it!

County Fair Fried Chicken
Makes 6 servings

½ teaspoon dried thyme
½ teaspoon dried basil
1 tablespoon paprika
¼ teaspoon dried oregano
¼ teaspoon celery seed
½ teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon dried ginger
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pound chicken tenders
½ cup flour
3 cups cornflakes
2 eggs
olive oil for spritzing

1. Add the thyme, basil, paprika, oregano, celery seed, garlic powder, pepper, mustard, pepper and ginger to the Medium Stainless Mixing Bowl.  Add the oil and stir to coat using the Small Mix ‘N Scraper.  Add the chicken tenders and stir gently to coat the chicken.   

2. Add the flour to one Coating Tray. Whisk the eggs to a second coating tray using the Stainless Mini Whisk. Crush the cornflakes in the Manual Food Processor and add them to the third coating tray.

3. Working in batches, coat the chicken in the flour first, then the eggs, and then the cornflakes, pressing to adhere.

4. Divide the chicken tenders onto two cooking trays for the Deluxe Air Fryer and spray the tenders with oil using the Kitchen Spritzer. Place the trays on the top and middle racks. Turn the wheel to select the AIR FRY setting; press the wheel to select. Turn the wheel to adjust the time to 10 minutes. Press the wheel to start. Switch the trays halfway through cooking (you’ll hear beeps as a reminder). Cook until the internal temperature reaches 165°F on the Instant-Read Food Thermometer.



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