Why You Need the Cool & Serve Collection

Pampered Chef’s exclusive Cool & Serve collection features an exclusive gel insert (which have handy finger slots for easy removal) keeps veggies, fruit, cheese, deli meat, dip, and other snacks cool for 4–6 hours—even outdoors! You will reach for these again and again for your backyard barbecues, picnics, trips to the beach (or lake if you’re in MI!). We have a strict no-glass policy around our pool because we all know what can go wrong there! The white color contrasts with food making everything served inside a delicious display. Basically, they are necessities for your entertaining.

The Large Cool & Serve is the ultimate entertaining piece. It comes with two reversible white cooling inserts—each has one flat side and one side with 12 wells for deviled eggs. The clear inner trays each have 3 wells with solid walls to keep food from mixing. A clear lid and base snap together, so it’s easy to carry and store. This tray is incredibly versatile—use any combination of divided and cooling inserts depending on your needs! It measures 12×12″, has divided trays that can be used in multiple combinations, the lids nest underneath for serving and all pieces are dishwasher safe. The bottom insert, when inverted, can accommodate 24 deviled eggs.

The 2.5-qt Cool & Serve Bowl is the size for salads, side dishes and desserts. It includes a spill-resistant lid so it’s easy to take to your summer parties. The 1-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl is the right size for dips, 1-2 servings of salads and side dishes.

The fun-sized Small Square Cool & Serve measures 9×9 is just right for smaller servings, lunch on the go, and road trips. It comes with a clear insert divided into two compartments with a 1-cup dip well in the center.

The exclusive gel insert is cased in a slim, sturdy, BPA-free case that we store right in our freezer so they are ready for us when we use these pieces. Need more ideas for using these?

You will create the ultimate Veggie Tray with dip. Grab any of Pampered Chef’s seasoning mixes, some mayonnaise and sour cream and you are good to go! The Large Cool & Serve features two wells for dips, leaving 4 wells for cucumbers, peppers, jicama, celery, carrots, broccoli… you can see where I am going with this! You can stop worrying about your charcuterie board getting warm too.

Next up… deviled eggs! What are the biggest challenges when bringing your famous deviled egg recipe to parties? Messy transportation, sloppy presentation, and fear of spoiling. Once again, Pampered Chef has you covered! As I mentioned, each of the two cooling inserts in the Large Cool & Serve has 12 wells (24 total) to keep deviled eggs neatly in place and chilled for easy transport and display.

One of my favorite uses for it is for a burger and sandwich bar! I get to keep all of the toppings cool, fresh, and in one place. I fill insert with the standards: onion, tomato, pickle, and lettuce and my own special sauce in the dip wells. Did someone say tacos? Yup, you can use it for your taco bar too!

Let’s think beyond the veggie tray… what about a fruit tray with a Margarita Dip or a S’Mores bar stocked with everything you need for the fun? What about an ice cream toppings bar?

And once summer entertaining winds down, you’ll find yourself reaching for these for your tailgating parties. Remove the plastic inserts leaving the cooling bases in place and you can easily transport 16 cupcakes!

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